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What is military?


About denim

About mohair cardigan

About refomed

About mohair velvet blouson.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Get rid of the rustic and earthy image that comes with the military.

It's good that it smells like a man.

Along with this, it has a tough appearance that shows the aging and durability of the fabric.

That's true too.

So how about something like this?


"Stupid Grosgrain Fish-tail Coat"

¥180,000 (¥198,000 TAX ​​IN)

The quality of the fabric is one of cantate's characteristics.

The first photo is a closer look at the fabric, but it is hard to believe that it is a natural fiber, as the warp is made of silk and the weft is made of mohair.

The elegant luster and suppleness of silk, and the rugged luster and thread quality of mohair.

Was this how they were made before synthetic fibers were invented? It has a slimy texture that I have never experienced before.

Mr. Haraguchi of Silver and Gold in Osaka wrote the same thing on SNS, and so did I.

At first glance, this military coat has so much elegance that you can feel that it might be better than a bad dress coat.

I also like military items, so I own a high percentage of military items, but even though I like the shape, I am extremely selective about the scenes. Moreover, because it is a crude item, it tends to look shabby depending on the items you match it with.

It will blow away those worries.

Even if you have a scene where you need to look neat, this coat will do the trick.

Stable buffalo buttons, and the inside of the pocket is made of fine corduroy that is nice when it's cold.

The zipper also has a heavy wire zipper that makes it stand out from the look.

While faithfully reproducing the hoodless type, the balance has been updated just the right way.

Personally, that's the part I absolutely love. It also has the luxury of a dress, making it a perfect match for everyday clothes.

It gives off a mysterious atmosphere that is completely different from what you'd think it would be if you forcibly combined it with military elements.

I took the photo in a room with natural light, and the shadows stand out, and the stitching gives it an outstanding puckering look.

It's stunning.

By the way, have you ever heard of silk mohair?

I looked into the cardigan the other day, but the difference in the way it looks also bothers me.

A knit cardigan made with thick yarn.

This is a fabric made from extremely densely woven fine thread.

The thread used in both is the same.

At first glance, they are a complete contrast. However, in terms of weight, they are almost the same.

The texture and lightness of the fabric are very contrasting, and you won't find another fabric like this.

It has firmness and firmness,

When I saw it, huh? I thought about it for a moment, but it is also water-repellent, so it is safe even during the rainy season.

See the photo below, it's dangerous if you say it like a gal.

Well, the coats just arrived the other day. Some of you may be thinking that.

Just try not to think too much about the season when it comes to this.

First, let's talk about how it looks due to the fabric.

Although it does not have a strong spring/summer feel, it has a very dry touch. Therefore, it will be useful as a light layer over a cut-and-sew jacket in the coming seasons as well.

In addition, it is light and compact enough to be rolled up and placed in a bag. It's also a good idea to have some on hand for when it's chilly.

Next is the material, even though it is dry, linen is difficult to use in the fall and winter. However, since it is mohair, I think it eliminates that seasonal feeling.

As for the size, it is one size that is oversized and can be worn with the shoulders dropped.

It's best to wear it inside.

By the way, as a sales person, we left the inner buttons in place so that we could attach the wool boa liner that was released in 20AW.

With this, you can flexibly shift to spring/summer, fall/winter.

If you have a jacket with that boa, you should definitely dock it, but if you like military items, you may also have a used liner.

It's off the record, but some people are wearing liners from old clothes.

Perhaps the real pleasure of fashion is to dare to create "different" combinations.

This coat moves back and forth in that mysterious position.


cantate "Satin Herringbone Bellows Jacket" ¥78,000 (¥85,800 TAX ​​IN)

cantate "Satin Herringbone Trousers" ¥54,000 (¥59,400 TAX ​​IN)

cantate "The Shirt" ¥42,000 (¥46,200 TAX ​​IN)


refomed "DONGOROSU WIDE PANTS" ¥30,000 (¥33,000 TAX ​​IN)

It is an item that is considered American casual, but depending on the styling, it can be worn casually or fashionably.

Try pairing it with a shirt like VERT (GREEN) for a dressy look, but also as a "husband" that takes advantage of the characteristics of the item.

The "?" feeling you get when you see cantate's clothes.

It's good to receive and understand a complete explanation, so much so that it's embarrassing to act like you know something. However, I think it's also a good idea to gradually figure out for yourself a finished product that has precise reasons and meaning.

A mod coat that adheres to the general idea of ​​military, but is made to do something ``ridiculous''.

The people who make military products are military, and the words may be different.

If you say it's mil-spec, it might be a type of military.

But only if they're serious about it.

In conjunction with the recent boom, the second episode of the anime/manga "King Ranking" made me cry.

And the angle of insertion is the same. .


cliché Kinoshita

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