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A story from my school days when I was on a roll.


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This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Going back to my student days, I went to a high school where Matsuzaka beef was famous and was even featured on TV.

However, it is not a focused subject, but rather a rather earthy subject where students aim to become surveyors or civil servants, and have to wear work clothes every day for practical training.

Contrary to the original, relaxed student life, the school building is separated from what is commonly referred to as a co-educational department from the second year onwards.

From then on, they go to a separate school building in the back of the prison-like gymnasium, feeling as if they were attending an all-boys school.

If you go normally, you will be far away from purchasing, and by the time you go, there will be nothing left.

It's far away to go to the playground and everything else is far away.

Every day I manage to make purchases by running along with the chime.

It's mostly men, so either we get excited talking about our idols, or we get yelled at for playing around with everyone else. Being fashionable within the established school rules.

At that time, I was watching Men's Egg, which I had watched in middle school, and my subscriptions were gradually changing to Samurai ELO and Men's Nonno.

He changed his shoes, went against school rules and grew his hair long (no hair dye allowed), and tweaked his uniform.

By the way, even a boy with shaved hair, just a few centimeters long, got caught in the hair.Of course, perms are also a no-no. If my hair was long, they would just give me scissors and cut it off in the bathroom.

If you cut it little by little and repeat it over and over again, the teacher will end up punching you.

By the way, I got a perm in three years, but I was so scared.

Let's be accomplices!

Only the friend who went out with him found out, and of course he was restrained.

The best way to grow your hair is to go to the test with long hair and cut it little by little. Or we would all bring our irons and curls and curl them inward to cheat.

Now, this is off topic, but school uniforms are basically tucked in.

I was the only one who didn't get caught up in the many school rules and was able to get along, the part that was so-called chosing.

Its importance remains unchanged even today.

In today's modern language, it seems to be called "Oni Chozuku".

It's a belt.

Also, the belt is quite important, so to speak, it is like a supporting role.

Gacha belts have studs and designs, but the important thing is the buckle.

Nowadays, I sometimes add something weird, but it's all very simple, basically leather.

But I want it to make a statement, and since I use it almost every day, I don't want it to get in the way of other things, so this kind of belt is perfect for me.

This is a preconception, but ...

Don't you feel like you tend to put things off and think about them later?

Moreover, I won't attach it. Some people may say that.

If the size is right, it might be okay.

If your top is covered, you won't be able to see it, and you'll end up being a pitiful person who won't be seen by third parties all day long.

On the other hand, it is a must-have item for those who tuck in. Think of it as part of an accessory.

This would be nice to have.

As long as it's the right size, you'll be fine with just one.

This is a belt-focused blog for those who are interested.

My favorite square.

Although it is simple, the hand-stitched thread inside is also an accent.

We use "pull-up leather," which is tanned with full vegetable tanning by an Italian tanner and soaked with plenty of oil.

The texture is so delicate that you can see the movement of the oil as you bend it, and it quickly becomes shiny as you use it.

I'm using it too, and it's already shiny. Of course, as long as it's not obscene.

However, since it is delicate, it is easily scratched. I don't care anymore!

The thickness is 4mm and the width is approximately 2.5cm, so it has a slightly thin finish.

The appearance from the front is somewhat modest, giving it a look that won't stand out when worn with a suit.

However, only the center part is thicker, about 3.5cm wide.

If you use your belt heavily, the holes where the metal fittings go through will start to stretch, and the feeling of wearing it will often change.

The design is to maintain the comfort of wearing it, but it also makes it look more masculine when viewed from behind, so it's doubly delicious.

Also, one more secret to strength.

This is calf leather, and we use the part taken from the cow's most developed part, the back.

It's on the back, so even if you take it vertically, you can probably imagine several of them.

As a side note, only four belts can be made from one animal.

A calm, authentic belt with a strong presence.

He is truly an unsung hero.


-Ribbon Belt-

¥35,000 (¥38,500 TAX ​​IN)


cliché Kinoshita

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