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Your heart is also a one-wash tumbler.


white jumpsuit.

Genre called summer cashmere.

devil single riders

A good man who drips with water.

A sexy guy.

The reason I wear a hat.

Yes, with this anorak.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

Silk is delicate and expensive.

No matter how good the texture of expensive fabrics is, they are brittle, right?


I don't want to get it dirty if I can't wash it. I am reluctant to wear it.

And even though you bought it, you will choose the occasion to wear it.

When it comes to expensive items, people tend to seek more versatility and versatility than is necessary.

However, there are things in this world that cannot be resolved, something that is delicate in Silk's words.

I am troubled by the unique texture.

I also work with clothes on a regular basis.

Such worries always get in the way of my shopping.


"Washable Silk Grosgrain Fish-Tail Coat"

¥302,500 (TAX IN)

Unfortunately this time,

I saw this coat at an exhibition and it captured my heart forever.

Don't let me hit the 300,000 mark one after another.

I said it would interfere with my shopping, but

On the other hand, there is a part of me that rudely wishes that there were flaws.

There are many people who like fishtail,

I'm the same way, so when I see it, I'm drawn to it.

However, just because it is commonplace makes me think that it is boring.

I think it's better to wear something made of leather, mohair, or other materials that don't have a familiar feel.

This time we will be introducing 100% silk.

very good!

However, silk cannot be washed easily. Take care.

Look at the flaws.

Good texture, good form, and good size.

Not only is the color nice, MID NIGHT, but the ECRU zipper tape is off-white, and the stitching on it is reminiscent of a military parachute.

Grosgrain with a matte texture.

Although it has a lustrous appearance, it has a thick appearance that makes it hard to believe that it is silk, and it goes perfectly with the fishtail, which has a heavy feel to it.

However, it is 100% silk.

It's difficult to take care of.

I want it but it's expensive, so I find a convenient excuse and suppress the boiling point.

Now, Mr. Matsushima whispers a devilish whisper to me, who I've been wanting since the exhibition.

There was a certain point where I had high expectations, or rather, it's a cantate, so I wondered if that would be the case.

This silk coat is washable. . . . . .

What's more, it says that it can be washed in a washing machine.

The surface is not smooth because it has already been washed, but has a different expression like satin.


At the time of the design, I had already done a lot of work, and I hadn't come across a good fishtail.

Because it was commonplace, I didn't want to share it with other people, so I ended up with too many materials.

I felt like I wouldn't be able to meet her again in the future, so I ordered one for myself using the excuse of commemoration.

I understand.

It always happens like this anyway. lol

But why can it be washed?

Silk should not be washed because it may change its texture or damage it.

But this coat can be washed as usual.

However, the texture remains the same, why?

Regular washable silk has a roughened surface, so it doesn't stand out even after washing. No shine, no silkiness.

Cantate is processed in a secret way to give it the perfect amount of nutrition and make it plump, so it doesn't change its texture even after washing.

With gloss. Very silky.

It's not impossible to wash the silk in this world, but it's at your own risk.

For example, even if there was washable silk, it would be forced.

In that case, the parts of silk that are considered good are:

Mr. Matsushima says that it has disappeared due to ``forcible force''.

This washable silk coat was also impossible to make with cantate.

This coat was made possible by this technology and its application.

The good thing about cantate's fishtail is that it maintains the vintage, good old original part.

It's made to look classy and dressy.

Personally, I prefer a more dressy, classy look than a casual look, so I like the design as well.

The zipper uses a U-shaped zipper, and you can feel the strong impression from everywhere,

The familiar water buffalo button

Edo cord draw cord

Fine and beautiful stitch work

Despite being one size fits all, it's loose enough not to ruin your image.

Yet, it is also easy to care for.

Even though it is so well-crafted, it still has a modern expression.

This fits perfectly into the framework of "being in good shape".

This can be said to be due to the overwhelmingly high quality and consideration given to the buyer.

The stand collar design without the hood remains the same.

However, this is also one of the intriguing points.

Since the neck is neat, you can show the collar of the shirt or cover the hood,

You can enjoy free styling.

Regarding the size, Sugimura wearing MID NIGHT is 165cm.

Even though I'm 175cm wearing ECRU, neither of them are too big.

The shoulders are moderately dropped, and the pleats on the sleeves allow for a wide range of motion.

The width of the body, combined with the lightness of the material, makes it very light and comfortable to wear.

As the temperature has risen recently, I have been seeing glimpses of people wearing short sleeves.

Will you be completely naked once summer comes?

Don't wear a coat or shirt?

too good to waste.

The temperature will drop again from here, and it will still be chilly at night if you don't avoid the wind.

Looking back on last year, this is the highlight of the spring coat.

It arrived at the perfect time.

The coat I was also looking forward to.

I've been getting tired of looking at the coats I've been wearing a lot lately, so this is nice! !


cantate "The Shirt" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

cantate "Sulfur dye Pants" ¥55,000 (TAX IN)

The shirt is worn as an inner layer, and the pants are loose-fitting with sweatpants and finished with leather shoes.

I picked it up in the blue color, so the turquoise goes well with it, and the coat makes it stand out.

MID NIGHT is a deep navy.

It doesn't have a blue tint, so it doesn't clash.

Even when paired with denim, it doesn't look too fuzzy and has a nice flavor.


cantate "Thermal L/S Shirt" ¥27,500 (TAX IN)


cantate "Denim Flare Trousers" ¥40,700 (TAX IN)

Wear it with denim and sneakers for a light look.

An image of a cafe worker walking dashingly through the streets of New York with coffee in hand before going to work.

As a side note, I don't like wearing a coat when riding a bicycle.

The reason is not that it gets stuck in the tire or gets dirty.

It's a little embarrassing how the hem of the coat is fluttering.

Therefore, one of the characteristics of this coat is the finish that is not too long,

I would also recommend it to cyclists.

Of course, you don't have to worry about it getting caught or getting dirty.

If you're still concerned, just tie the drawcord at the hem around your thighs.



cantate "Back Satin M-51 Pants" ¥52,800 (TAX IN)

MID NIGHT to match feminine style.

From now on, if you decide on a one-two style by wearing sweatshirts and cotton knit as an inner layer, you will fall in love with the versatility of this coat.

Also, when viewed under sunlight, it has a beautiful shine and drape.

The gathers created when the drawcord is tightened are really beautiful.

I chose ECRU, but this one is also good...

There are only a few of these, so if you are interested, please hurry.



m's braque "EASY PANTS A" ¥41,800 (TAX IN)

cantate "Shoulder Tote Bag" ¥66,000 (TAX IN)

A fishtail coat that shows off many different faces.

Although it has a military motif, it minimizes the appearance of ruggedness or masculinity, resulting in clothes that have a hidden strength.

The reason I bought this coat is that it's washable silk.

The final deciding factor was that there was something so romantic about the fabric, and I was so moved by the idea that something like that could actually happen.

I wish it had some flaws, but there aren't any. That is the quality of cantate.

"If the reason you're worried is the price, you should buy it."

Mr. Matsushima often says this to me, other people, and customers.

I think I'll buy it if you say it with that much confidence.

It can be said that the level of satisfaction that comes from clothes is guaranteed.

But my wallet is screaming.

Um, there aren't any more flaws, right?

Even though it is a flaw, I would like to think that there are no flaws in the clothes that exist in this world.

But some things do. And each person has a different point of view.

There are some things that cannot be avoided, and that is the world of fabrics.


I was thinking, how can I improve them?

I take it for granted that nothing is impossible and work backwards to create clothes.

I am fascinated every time.

As soon as I said that, I was 100% determined to buy it.

And a one-wash tumbler to my heart.


cliché Kinoshita

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