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RIER that may only be cliché.

This is a modernized MA-1.

A sloppy jacket.

Thank you for your help this year.

"Because it's more interesting that way."

What exactly is Fine?


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

In the summer, we released trousers exclusively for tuck-in.


This is in very good condition.

Many of the customers who come to the store are excited and decide to purchase.

I want to have it in various colors!

That's why I'm so proud of myself.

These are new standard pants that I also wear when I can't decide.

・To tuck in

- Suitable for both casual and dress-up

・To match with leather shoes, sneakers, and sandals

・Can be used all year round

By making this with this in mind,

It often takes away the opportunity for other pants to appear.

Thankfully it's sold out,

We have received many inquiries, so we are restocking this item.



¥30,800 (TAX IN)

NAVY is just a name, BLACK NAVY.

A darker GRAY that works very well.

Although basic,

The proportion of these colors in everyday styling is

These are the guys who easily exceed 50%.

Let's start with the first one. and,

“I want to have it in various colors!”

Thank you for your opinion.

In fact, we have new colors available for this restock.

I would like to say that I have responded to your request.

Just like how I started making pants, this is a new color that I just want. lol

I want to wear it now. It's a really nice color, I know!

I would be very happy if you could empathize with this feeling.

By the way, it's super good.

You may have thought about the color, but

OFF WHITE with depth, not white, like ecru.

We welcome two new colors of BEIGE, which resemble chino pants, which have been depleted in cliché.

White is a color that I like and often wear,

Cargo pants, sweatpants, jumpsuits,

I don't have white pants that can be categorized as simple pants, so

I had a hard time trying to match it with jackets etc.

This shape is classy, ​​so it goes well with clothing such as jackets and shirts.

I like white for fall and winter, which goes well with patterned jackets and wool.

Is it because winter is associated with snow or because gals wear white in winter?

I don't think I'm the only one who feels strangely attracted to it.

White on shearling, white on brown leather.

I can't stop imagining it just thinking about it.

As a cushioning material for winter styling that can get heavy.

Instead of pure white, why not try a style that takes advantage of this off-white color?

Made of cotton and polyester T/C material that can be used all year round,

The fact that it can be washed easily is also a big attraction.

Beige pants may be the color you own the most.

These are essential pants, so if you don't have them,

We hope you will take this opportunity to try it out.

It has a combination of firmness and luster, giving it a very classy look.

I only looked at the fabric when making it, so it was my first time seeing it when it arrived a few days ago.

It's really nice to be alone. I was whispering.

If you bought the last color and liked it, please buy the other color.

If you choose another color after that, I'll jump for joy.

The design is extremely simple.

It has a wide silhouette with a deep two-tuck and a large wading.

As mentioned above, the material is T/C material,

Although it has firmness, it is not too stiff and has a beautiful drape.

It has a crease so it stands out beautifully.

If you look thin,

Please remove the creases with an iron before you start wearing them.

As the waist area is slim compared to the thickness,

Adjusted so that it does not look bulky and awkward.

Around the waist, etc., which gives the impression of occupying a large area when you put it in.

By focusing on areas that are usually invisible, the tuck-in will look more appealing.

The back pocket is only on the left side, which makes the hips look neat.

Although it is thick, I think you can spend your time in style.

If you want to wear tucked-in pants but are not used to them, try these pants.

Also, if you have a good-looking belt, you'll get 100 points. nothing to say.

Wearing size: S (168cm)

Wearing size: M (175cm)

Wearing size: M (168cm)

Wearing size: L (175cm)

As for the size, Sugimura is 168cm and is size S.

I'm 175cm tall and size M is the perfect fit for me.

As you can see from the photo, I am 168cm and size M.

Even if you are 175cm and wear a size L, the length will not be excessive, so

I hope you can choose whichever you like, whether it's a neat look or a dowel look.

To accumulate or not to accumulate.

Wearing size: S (168cm)



cantate "Thermal L/S Shirt" ¥27,500 (TAX IN)

Rios of Mercedes "Waxy Kansas" ¥275,000 (TAX IN)

It's more S than M.

Sugimura boasts. That's an extremely disgusting statement.

Aside from that,

He also owns a lot of beige pants, so he seems used to them.

The bright colors are completed with a black vest, showing off a sense of skill.

I made it with Rios' boots in mind, so

It's the perfect balance of length and how the boots look.

Wearing size: M (175cm)



cantate "Turtle Neck L/S Shirt" ¥27,500 (TAX IN)

I just stick to tuck-ins.

Even the cardigan is tucked in.

A glimpse of the belt and tuck are the styling points.

My shoes, belt, and glasses are all black,

I think it would be nice to switch it all to brown.

Wearing size: L (175cm)


cantate "Mouton Vest" ¥495,000 (TAX IN)


SALOMON "XT-6 GTX" ¥ 31,900 (TAX IN)

Similar to beige, it is good to combine with light tones,

On the other hand, off-white can be paired with dark tones.

I would like it to be styled with a sharp look.

Does it get dirty?

…please do not worry.

White is white because it gets dirty!

Even though I like white sneakers, white pants are familiar to me,

If you look at the shoe rack and think there are a lot of white shoes, please consider this.

Wearing size: S (168cm)


cantate "Harrington Jacket" ¥99,000 (TAX IN)

Rios of Mercedes "Waxy Kansas" ¥275,000 (TAX IN)

The other thing I wanted to do was style it with a nylon jacket.

By turning the hem of the compact size 44 tightly inside,

If you try to match it as if it is tucked in◎

Beautiful A-line.

This is a style I often wear with NAVY pants.

If you are unsure, just do it anyway, so

We recommend that you keep them together.

If you change your shoes, the tech flavor will increase,

You can also make it dressy by changing the innerwear.

This is why it is so versatile.

At cliché, you can find all kinds of unique pants.

The most basic type of pants next to jeans.

Even in our daily life,

It may be the one you wear most often.

Compatibility with the brands we carry,

There is no doubt that it goes well with salomon and Rios.

Absolutely necessary! is.

Sushi and sake, yakitori and beer,

Sauce for omelet rice, green onions for offal stew...

You can't get 100 points without either one.

Isn't that the same as only having 4 Exodia in your deck?

*This product will be on sale from November 3rd (Friday).



cliché Kinoshita

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