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RIER that may only be cliché.

This is a modernized MA-1.

A sloppy jacket.

Thank you for your help this year.

"Because it's more interesting that way."

What exactly is Fine?

It feels like I'm watching a full-length movie.



This is Kinoshita from cliché.

As fashion becomes calmer year by year,

As I feel older,

The attractiveness and attachment level of each item has begun to change significantly.

This dress was so nice.

I had never seen her cry before, and my heart pounded when I saw her crying face for the first time.

yes! My heart pounded at that time!

The manure in the drawer that you haven't been wearing suddenly jumps into action.

Simple, stripped-down clothing without harshness.

When you look at life in the long run...

Among the clothes recommended at cliché under the theme,

I would like you to pay attention to this first place, which is representative of this.




L, XL ¥159,500 (TAX IN)

XXXXL ¥176,000 (TAX IN)

In short, it's high-quality luxury fleece.

This item is made from soft wool with a tumbler finish and fleece without using synthetic fibers.

When winter comes, I turn to fleece.

outdoor and sports brands,

Many are released from streetwear etc.

It's easy to see, but once you have one, you won't need it anymore, right?

Designs are also limited, so Patagonia's Scinchilla, Retro X,

With motifs such as ECWCS Gen2 and Gen3,

I think you can choose your favorite size, shape, and color.

I'm already tired.

RIER fleece that I ordered last season.

Even in terms of amount, it is an overwhelming champion,

To be honest, I ordered a small amount of Hiyo last year.

This year, I want to highly recommend it, so I ordered it all the time.


The price has skyrocketed due to exchange rates.

I really can't laugh, so

This is when I decided to end my fleece life.

This was the trigger for me to buy it and order it all the time.

This person that I wanted and kept in the back of my mind is now my partner.

Because it is an unpleasant season when the temperature does not drop,

Warm and easy to wear

I'm fascinated by the high-quality design and texture, and I'm wearing it all the time.

What do you think?

Would you like to end your fleece journey?

The design is extremely simple.

Half zip, elastic sleeves and hem,

The length is short and the width is extra large, giving it an elegant design but with the aura of RIER.

The sparkle of the riri zipper and the texture of the fleece elevate the look.

Although this lean design has few claims,

It is the unique atmosphere of RIER that stimulates pressure points.

An analogy with a guitar suddenly came to mind.

Mongolia 800's "Small Love Song" is a signature song to practice when you're just starting out.

On the other hand, it's the "9mm parabellum bullet" song that I started playing after a few years of skill.

The more I practiced, the more I was able to mislead myself with distortion,

You will learn to play the 9mm in a way that makes it sound good,

Play the relatively simple Monpachi one note at a time.

I realized that I couldn't win against someone who did such an obvious and simple thing and played it in a way that seemed comfortable.

Moreover, the power chord is direct.

No matter how complex the arpeggio is, it can be alternated and has dynamics.

A simple, straightforward, no-frills piece.

Indeed, the latter is the very aura that RIER wears.

When I actually tried it on, I felt the warmth on my skin.

The slogan "warmth retention" is now like a bonus.

That's why everything is so excellent.

Good to wear for luxury.

You can match it with tide up,

You can also take it to the street.

Considering what I've explained so far, I can't believe I have a lot of pockets.

This may be because you always have 5 Exodia in your hand.

Order in 3 colors: NAVY, MOSS, and IVORY.

Available in sizes L, XL, and XXXXL.

NAVY is currently sold out.

I also purchased NAVY, so it's not convincing, but...

MOSS and OFF WHITE are also very difficult to throw away.

NAVY is not the A side of a single, and the others are not couplings,

Each is A-side.

I'm still posting that I want another color,

Matsushima-san tells me that I'm sick.

Already, though.

If I were from a world line more affected by illness, I would like to combine it like this.

I want it to match like this.

With that in mind, I designed the styling.

I actually got it in my hands, so it's more realistic than before.

I think it will make you want it! lol

Batch Koi!

Wearing size: XL (168cm)


cantate "The Shirt" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

cliché "EX WIDE TROUSERS" ¥30,800 (TAX IN)

Rios of Mercedes "Waxy Kansas" ¥275,000 (TAX IN)

People say that white looks difficult, but

First of all, I feel that the color that attracts me the most visually is white.

The number of times I pick it up is overwhelming,

Once you know how to put it together, there's nothing to be afraid of.

Rather, it is an exquisite color that can be used with white x white,

Another advantage is that no matter what color you match it with, it will stay together.

It's not completely see-through, but the color of the inner layer is slightly visible,

You can also lower the tone by pairing it with something dark.

First of all, Sugimura gives a clean impression with his saxophone and beige.

Wearing size: XL (175cm)


cantate "BD Collar Shirt" ¥41,800 (TAX IN)

cliché "EX WIDE TROUSERS" ¥30,800 (TAX IN)

cantate "Ribbon Belt" ¥44,000 (TAX IN)

cliché pants that go well with voluminous tops.

The tuck is sharp, so I think it's an excellent balance with the short length.

A green BD with a saxophone that I saw in a snap taken overseas some time ago.

White pants keep it clean too.

Although it is modestly tucked in,

I actually do it in my personal life, so it's okay to do it when you feel like it.

Can you understand why I want another color? . .

It creates a completely different atmosphere, and because of its basic design,

I have an unstoppable urge to have them in different colors.

Wearing size: L (175cm)


cantate "Denim 1955 Trousers" ¥51,700 (TAX IN)

SALOMON "XT-6 GTX" ¥31,900 (TAX IN)

This is also a style I often do in my personal life.

Focusing on Salomon and my personal jeans that I recently bought,

Please enjoy casual styling without waste.

This is the combination that allows you to feel the charm of RIER fleece the most.

RIER is more major overseas, so

Most of the people you see on SNS are fashionable men and women from other countries.

When I looked at how it was put together,

I usually wear jeans and sneakers.

It's called normcore.

For foreigners, the appearance is so different that even something simple can look great!

I used to complain about that,

If you get RIER,

I also feel like I'm just as proud as JOY.

Wearing size: L (168cm)


cantate "Thermal L/S Shirt" ¥27,500 (TAX IN)

cantate "Denim Tapered Trousers" ¥40,700 (TAX IN)

Rios of Mercedes "Waxy Kansas" ¥275,000 (TAX IN)

I still wear jeans, but I also tried wearing boots ◎

If you expose the hem of the inner layer, it will be a little sluggish, but

I think it's also charming and cute.

While being influenced by the styling of the look,

Don't be restless just because it's simple, have fun trying out different combinations.

Wearing size: XXXXL (175cm)



Nine Tailor "Wisteria Stole" ¥18,700 (TAX IN)

Rios of Mercedes "Harness Latigo Cowboy -Roper Style-" ¥ 220,000 (TAX IN)

just like this. A personal skirt I brought from home to match.

Moreover, his feet are Rios.

If you decide on the color selection to a certain extent and don't use flashy colors,

No matter what you do, you'll be surprisingly successful.

It's the day before a public holiday, so I'm sorry if my tone is a bit sappy.

I get compliments at least once a day when I wear this fleece.

I'm not wearing it because I want someone to see me, but

It definitely feels good to be praised.

It is a design that is easy to be loved by so many people,

Super upward compatibility of its design.

That's why it's so difficult for brands to launch their products into the world.

Moreover, it is difficult for those looking for it.

Going back to what I said earlier, it sounds good.

In terms of clothes, it means "looking good", but

That kind of thing is the height of stupidity.

When I was a student, I played NICO Touches the Walls to make it sound good.

For people like me, who got fired from the band as a result of deception,

By the time you realize it, they'll let you go and your interest will gradually fade.

In that respect, RIER's fleece is

He has it all in his fastball game and supports me by telling me to "keep shining."

It's just like Ken Yokoyama's guitar, and it starts buzzing at us all at once.

I thought it would be a fast-paced performance with an explosive sound, but

At times, it seems like a sweet and sad melody is being played.

So much so that I even want to compare it to clothes.

It's a song that I really like, both in the past and now.

Now listen.





cliché Kinoshita

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