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Our Imma.


Rios is my foot.

Fascinating T-back.

This season's bags are amazing.

I just changed my wallet.

It means learning from failure.

The ideal style for fall and winter.

I'll take it. Please let me buy it for adults.

A jacket that stands in between.


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

I'm a troublesome person, and if I do say so myself, I'm probably an odd one.

If you say so, I'll say this,

Before putting the natto on the rice, first pour soy sauce on the white rice.

By the way, I don't like to put lemon on fried chicken,

The order of eating the bento is that the white rice is eaten first, and the side dishes are eaten last.

Also, I like host channels on YouTube.

Similarly, I'm probably picky when it comes to choosing clothes.

I feel like it's getting noisier every year.

I'm saying it again.

Today's blog may be a little noisy.

Classic items, military items,

The original is definitely the best looking.

I don't see much value in half-heartedly reproduced modern brand items that claim to have been faithfully made.

If you can't afford it, you want something that allows you to enjoy aging from the beginning.

If it is a half-hearted design and reproduces aging,

I don't find it attractive anymore.

Because it looks better when you wear it yourself.

So, the only thing that makes it attractive is probably the price range.

Although there may be times when you have no choice but to buy it,

Where is the value in something that is superior only in price?

If you want to buy it now,

something. somewhere. Seeking difference.

cantate and KOOKY ZOO in cliché.

Cantate seems faithful, but it's not.

Whether it's jeans or M-51, it's the reinterpretation of fabrics and stitching that makes them so appealing.

If there are people who say that the itchy part of the tooth is resolved, but it remains as it is,

Maybe I don't have enough ability to explain it yet.

It's hard to understand, but if you were to make your first denim jacket, what would it be?

What if you want to make a 501? Such minor corrections. This is also difficult.

Good or bad, without the original, it wouldn't exist.

I think it's the best designed in terms of respect and detail.

At KOOKY ZOO, when we change children's clothes to adult clothes,

This is nothing more than a clear victory.

Because it doesn't exist and can only be completed here,

You can't get it second-hand, so buy it from that brand.

That's the first thing I think about when buying clothes.

But even homage and inspiration can become originals if they win overwhelmingly.

There were people close to me who thought it was the original.

military with history,

BUZZ RICKSON'S is a brand that specializes in workwear.

In pursuit of the history and pride of flight jackets,

The brand started in 1993 and is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

Complete reproduction of Air Force/Army/Navy/Marine Corps military clothing.

From yarn spinning to weaving, materials, various parts,

There is a precision that shows the thorough attention to detail down to the form.

We continue to convey the charm of vintage military wear to the fullest.

It's at a level where you can even call it the real thing.

By chance, I visited the exhibition.

While there are only people with a strong American casual style,

It felt like the boy was alone. I felt like I was surrounded by my family.

It's true that you can't win if you're called to the back of the school building.

Vintage wear alongside products,

Things that can be obtained and things that cannot be obtained are displayed as if it were natural,

I felt like I was in a museum.

Truly the king. It's amazing!

I've known this brand for a long time because my dad used to wear it too.

To be honest, the old me wasn't attracted to it.

I thought he looked like an old man.

I really want to punch myself in the cheek at that moment.

To my wife's sister, I'm already an old man.

I can't deny that I'm worried because of my age, but

I feel like I've gained a lot of knowledge, and as I've learned more, I've become more honest.

Once again, BUZZ RICKSON'S.

It's super cool.



¥68,200 (TAX IN)



¥198,000 (TAX IN)

You know L-2B and A-2.

There were so many that I was having trouble deciding which one to order.

First of all, the first time. We have also narrowed down the colors and prepared "The Military".

Being a major company, there was a lot of freedom in terms of size, so

L-2B is available in two sizes: L and XXXL.

A-2 is leather, so I would like it to be just right.

Let's start with A-2.

A flight jacket made of horsehide with a strong presence.

The first military aircraft was developed during World War I in 1914.

Until then, there were no military aircraft, as we now call them.

Apparently, there were no "flight jackets" and long leather coats were the norm.

With the development of military aircraft, the development of equipment progressed, and the flight jacket was born.

At the time, military aircraft had pilots exposed from the cockpit.

Cold protection was an important consideration when developing the clothing.

A few years later, with the creation of the "closed cockpit", protection against the cold was no longer necessary.

Development of flight jackets with emphasis on functionality and ease of movement continues.

The jacket that was created after much development was the A-1.

Its successor will be the A-2, developed in 1931, which we purchased this time.

Said to be a historic masterpiece in American history, the front changed from buttons to zippers.

It became a guideline for many flight jackets that were to be developed.

That's why I couldn't leave out A-2.

The aging and wrinkles engraved on the leather are proof that the soldiers survived.

It tells a story of history, and this is not just a piece of equipment, but a comrade in arms.

It is said that it is also proof of my own existence that I have survived to this day.

It's the small details that show that the clothes are made with more thought than anything else I've come across.

Originally, the military was only concerned with "survival",

It is obvious that there is no omission, and it is full of ingenuity that can be used even in modern times.

Without this, today's clothes would not have been created.

I can't help but be intrigued. It is the origin of fashion.

It is said that the total production at that time was 700,000 pieces.

It is said that in the 1930s, about five companies were in charge of this.

The model we purchased this time is the last model produced by Aero Leather.

The reason I chose this model was because it was incredibly easy to wear.

It's not comfortable because it's made of leather and it's a perfect fit, but

Other typical ones include those with a collar and a high collar;

Irregular items such as the left and right collars being misaligned,

The finish is impressive and gives off a sense of dignity, even if it looks scary.

If you compare the clothes, this model will be overwhelmingly better.

Also, the "red ribs" have brick-colored ribs. (Others are brown mixed ribs)

The contrast with the deep brown body is beautiful and you will be fascinated by it.

It's not an epaulet that you often see, but it's made of 6 pieces of leather folded.

It is said that they were made to be strong and thick so that they would not break even if they were grabbed when helping injured soldiers.

There is a hook on the collar to prevent wind from entering, and there are two pockets on both sides.

There are eyelets under the armpits to remove sweat.

A-2 fits perfectly with slacks and rounded pants.

The first word is definitely Han.

If you pair jeans with boots and teardrop sunglasses,

Your brain will be filled with Kenny Loggins before you even play it.

L2B is a jacket used in the light zone (relatively warm temperature range).

A lighter version without the wool pile inside MA-1.

Leather makes it difficult to move, so consider ensuring range of motion.

Made of nylon, it has a moderate cold protection function.

The earliest type and base L-2 is called L-2A / L-2B,

I was drawn to the SAGE GREEN coloring and chose L-2B.

The thickness of the fabric varies slightly, so it has the advantage of being ready to wear in early fall.

I was originally thinking of buying this type of jacket, but this one came to me,

I'm planning on pairing it with jeans and boots, an honest American casual style,

I would like to introduce the styling that I personally have always wanted.

I can't forget the picture I happened to find on the internet.

It's finally resolved.

The L-2B was born in 1955.

It is said that it was used from then until 1979.

This is a very long-lasting jacket.

During that time, we have continued to improve and evolve, but

This L-2B is a real-name reproduction model of "Skyline Clothing" that was delivered in 1958.

He was a contractor who also produced MA-1, N-2B, and 3B at the same time.

It is said that its selling point was its high quality in terms of technology and production capacity.

The fabric is heavy nylon twill.

The lining is made of wool rayon and has a satin-like luster.

This is a piece with rich contrast that gives you a sense of quality.

The fabric seems to be designed to be easy to put on and take off when you sweat.

It is characterized by a smooth texture that is not sticky on the skin.

In terms of time and quality, it is of such a quality that it can be used as an outer material.

Because it has a finish with no additions or subtractions,

Epaulette, high flap pocket, triangular tab,

Even if there are so many models, by looking at this detail,

Apparently, he could tell it was MA-1 with just one shot.

There is a bullet in the cigarette pocket.

I'm really happy.

The ribs are made of strongly twisted worsted wool, similar to that used in suits.

100% wool rib knit.

It's stress-free and stays tight so you can wear it without losing heat.

I think it would be better to take measures against insects, but they may get damaged over time,

The moth-eaten grunge look is also cool, so I'm looking forward to it.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I ordered sizes L and XXXL.

L is a classic fit, XXXL is mainly for oversize,

It's not an excessive thing, so

Please choose according to your styling, such as layering.


cantate "T Shirt" ¥20,900 (TAX IN)

cantate "Denim 1955 Trousers" ¥42,900 (TAX IN)


cantate "The Shirt" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

cantate "Denim Flare Trousers" ¥40,700 (TAX IN)


cantate "Garment Dye Crew Neck Pullover" ¥55,000 (TAX IN)

cantate "Denim 1955 Trousers" ¥51,700 (TAX IN)

Rios of Mercedes "Harness Latigo Cowboy Roper Style" ¥220,000 (TAX IN)


cantate "Thermal L/S Shirt" ¥27,500 (TAX IN)

cantate "Fine Corduroy Trousers" ¥55,000 (TAX IN)


cantate "Turtle Neck L/S Shirt" ¥27,500 (TAX IN)

m's braque "EASY PANTS / SHINEE TWILL" ¥46,200 (TAX IN)

What is military?

What is Milspec?

Even if I was asked to explain, if it was me a few years ago,

I think the answer would have been something like "clothes used in the military."

The other day, or rather, I always talk about military and clothes.

I've been learning a lot from Mr. Matsushima, so sometimes he comes up with some interesting stories.

The thing that made me the most nervous recently was

Do you know why the corners of the front placket of MA-1 are rounded? That was the question.

Do you all know why?

Even now, from my mouth,

The only answer I could come up with was because that's what they said in the first place. He's a boring man.

It seems that originally the corners were sharp,

MA-1 is something you wear in cold zones like snowy mountains.

The wet placket froze,

Apparently there was a soldier who died after getting stuck in his neck.

How cruel, but...

Since then, it has been revised to a more rounded design.

Everything in the military has a reason.

There must be a reason for the clothes we wear today.

However, I think that the moment you can no longer see the reason, you will instantly lose interest.

Military is something made to survive, not to die.

Mil-spec is also a spec designed for survival.

I was so embarrassed that I was saying that I looked good without looking at the real thing.

This was the origin of today's clothing,

Without war, the military would not exist, and today's clothing would not exist.

The fact that we can now enjoy fashion easily means that

This is possible because of the military.

That's why "knowing" is so important,

I think it was inevitable that I thought BUZZ RICKSON'S was cool.

BUZZ RICKSON'S is more than just a reprint.

Although exaggerated, it also inherits history.

And proof of human existence,

It's a brand that tells us why we are "now".

So, I'll take the L-2B XXXL.

The products introduced today will be on sale from 12:00 on Saturday, September 2nd.


cliché Kinoshita

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