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In that “maybe once”,


Aging Man.

RIER that may only be cliché.

This is a modernized MA-1.

Hey Sugimura, you got it... Is that you? lol

A sloppy jacket.

Thank you for your help this year.

Made in Spice Country.

"Because it's more interesting that way."

What exactly is Fine?


This is Kinoshita from cliché.

At the store, everyone reacted immediately and glanced at the price tag.

There are clothes that quietly leave the place.

cantate mouton.

You can tell at a glance that he looks good.

However, the reality is difficult and it takes a lot of time to decide to buy.

At the time of the exhibition, I was possessed by the magical power of this shearling and couldn't leave the place.

I want shearling. I want shearling.

It got to the point where I could chant it like a spell,

After some hesitation, I decided to buy a black vest.

Even though it's almost November, the temperature still hasn't dropped.

The winter seems to be short and warm this year.

With this in mind, many people choose to wear thin outerwear.

I think the type of outerwear depends on how you feel, so if you want to wear down, you can wear it.

If you don't want to wear it, don't wear it.

On days when I want to wear it, I try wearing a T-shirt or high-gauge knit as an inner layer.

Enjoy fall/winter fashion while relaxing and relaxing your shoulders.

While thinking about such things, I think that the best is wide-ranging,

Since I wear it often, I thought it would easily pay for itself.


But when I went shopping so far, I told myself,

I have to be a little stupid,

I think there is definitely not enough momentum to buy.


“Mouton Half Coat”

¥1,100,000 (TAX IN)


“Mouton Vest”

¥495,000 (TAX IN)

This season's cantate has finally reached its peak.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the appearance and price, but

Don't back down, just stop for a moment.

Mouton has a second-hand coat,

Moderate quality.

I wear it casually without worrying about it getting dirty.

I wasn't looking for shearlings, but I was lucky enough to have them and know how good they were.

I compared it with my personal item and it was a total failure.

Once I saw it, I couldn't forget it.

In fact, there are many people who experienced the same thing at the order meeting.

From people younger than me to people older than me...

I call this an accident, and that's exactly what I call it.

The pressure of shearling's presence and charm approaches from the front,

It was a path that could never be avoided.

Subtle back tag updated

I can't say the same about my wallet, and of course I started living a frugal life.

I hardly even drink Monster Energy, which I used to drink every day.

I also stopped buying unnecessary sweets.

And this is also for clothes.

While looking at the shearlings hanging on the rack at home,

It feels great to have a drink.

It's almost time to wear it.

It will be relatively chilly during the day, so a cut-and-sew vest may be just right.

When the temperature starts to feel like winter,

A vest over a jacket, and a vest over a light outerwear.

I think if you put some thought into it, you'll find more opportunities for spring outerwear, and you won't have to buy too many extra items.

I've had it in my hands and worn it since early on, and it's super warm.

After all, the coat consists of 7 sheep...

For general items, we use shearling for clothing,

This shearling is for bedding.

The way the mouton pile was clogged was unusual, and to put it mildly, it was super fluffy.

It has such excellent cushioning properties that it makes sense that you would want to use it as a futon.

Try it on by leaning vigorously against a wall while wearing it.

It's so fluffy that it gently absorbs shock.

It is sometimes used for medical purposes,

It is also said to be helpful for elderly women with bad backs who don't have to keep sitting and keep their feet from slipping on the floor.

Lately, I've been writing blogs about the most popular items of the season, so

The content is becoming more like a study of what is good and what is the standard. lol

It's all good because I can't help but find out and find out more, but this time I'm disappointed.

What is good or bad about shearling?

It is said that the best shearlings are those with dense hair and firmness.

This shearling also uses only the back part of sheep, so the pile density and stiffness are excellent.

And it's not heavy and stressful, and it's extremely comfortable to wear.

Even if you just wear it over a cut-and-sew shirt, it retains body heat and keeps you at the right temperature.

Although it is similar to leather, this shearling is actually edible.

What is called merino spring lamb.

Spring rams do not spend the summer when they are 3-5 months old,

It refers to sheep that have only lived through the winter.

Hmm, what do you mean you haven't had a summer?

Because they are not exposed to strong ultraviolet rays, they do not get sunburned like humans.

The color of the suede surface is extremely beautiful and there is no unevenness.

It is characterized by its uniform and beautiful coat because it has grown without being affected by natural threats.

The soft and uniform texture means that it has good contact with the skin.

The bristles are long and the pile is dense, which means it wraps around you.

Also, you might think it's just warm, but it also releases moisture, giving you a refreshing warmth.

It maintains constant warmth and provides a comfortable wearing experience.

Just by looking at it, you can tell that shearlings look amazing, but in reality, they are amazing.

At 3-5 months old, the sheep are small, which is why you need 7 coats...

A one-of-a-kind shearling with a luxurious construction that reduces the amount of hagi as much as possible.

Although the leather is from America, it is tanned and sewn in Japan.

I wrote something similar when talking about cashmere sweaters.

The management system after arriving in Japan will be difficult.

After all, this is where the quality will be greatly influenced.

The coat is half length.

With a raglan design that takes the stress off your shoulders,

2 pockets and 3 buttons on the front.

While the buttons are woven buttons to create a rough atmosphere,

The overall color is beautiful, giving it a very elegant impression.

You can also wear it with the lapel up.

The vest has deep armholes and is sized so that it can be worn without interfering with the sleeves of a jacket or coat.

Although the design is very simple,

I'm also attracted to the way it's shaved down, which highlights the quality of the material.

The collar is uncollared and cut in consideration of layering.

A glimpse of suede peeks out beside the zip,

This impressive TALON zipper...

The top closure of the zip has the familiar "U" shape. Nikki, too Nikki.

Although it is finished elegantly, there is a Chinese character...

The finish has a military flavor and is extremely cool.

Wearing size: 48 (175cm)


cantate "The Shirt" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)


cantate "Denim 1955 Trousers" ¥42,900 (TAX IN)

Just the right density to wear with a shirt or sweater.

It's the opposite of a vest, as the pile is on the skin,

It's really no different than wearing a futon.

It feels heavy when you hold it, but

When you wear it, there is no stress on your neck or shoulders.

A coat like this will definitely last a lifetime,

I have no doubt that this will be passed down to my children.

This coat is not only high quality but also thoughtful.

Wearing size: 44 (168cm)


cantate "Sulfur Dye Parka" ¥60,500 (TAX IN)

m's braque "NEW FLAIR PANTS" ¥50,600 (TAX IN)

If you make use of the collar of the vest,

There is nothing that cannot be matched.

First up is the hoodie.

Wearing size: 46 (175cm)


cantate "The Shirt" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

m's braque "EASY PANTS" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)


And a shirt.

I think this is within the range of expectations.

Just wear it for a simple style.

If you don't think deeply about the fact that it's shearling,

How should we match it? I don't think you will have any problems.

In fact, I wear it quite often,

In terms of timing, first of all, thermal, turtle,

Just sweatshirts and light sweaters.

As the weather gets colder, your field of vision will expand,

I'm really looking forward to it.

Wearing size: 48 (175cm)


cantate "The Trench Coat" ¥165,000 (TAX IN)

from above the coat.

The appeal is that the armholes are deep so the sleeves don't get bulky.

When it comes to common fur vests, it looks like Monster Hunter,

When the pile is this well-organized and packed, it looks good and doesn't have an earthy smell.

Personally, I like the fact that it doesn't look like old clothes.

I'm planning on wearing it over an anorak parka.

Wearing size: 44 (168cm)


cantate "WW II T-Back Jacket" ¥66,000 (TAX IN)

cantate "Denim Flare Trousers" ¥40,700 (TAX IN)

Mouton for a denim setup.

Black is good, but by adding natural colors,

The whole atmosphere becomes soft and gentle.

Length, volume, moderately compact form,

A timeless design that looks great no matter where you look at it.

Wearing size: 48 (175cm)


cantate "Thermal L/S Shirt" ¥27,500 (TAX IN)

cliché "ROVING 5G CREW NECK KNIT" ¥60,500 (TAX IN)

cantate "Fine Corduroy Trousers" ¥55,000 (TAX IN)

cantate "Kinchaku Bag" ¥66,000 (TAX IN)

10eyevan "NO.3 III BR" ¥80,300 (TAX IN)

For beige, a classic autumn/winter color,

It looks good to tighten it up with black.

Don't overdo it, don't think too deeply,

It is best to complete the natural color with a black vest.

Wearing size: 46 (175cm)


cantate "Turtle Neck L/S Shirt" ¥27,500 (TAX IN)

cantate "Denim Flare Trousers" ¥40,700 (TAX IN)

Lastly, here's my current style.

I was thinking a lot, but

I think I've somehow gotten the hang of this best trick.

Denim cut and sewn. It's a very simple combination, but

I'm sure it will come together beautifully because each one has its own charm.

For maintenance, you can brush it occasionally and wipe it lightly if it gets dirty.

When storing it, it is best to cover it with a garment and store it in a dry place.

However, if you are concerned about dirt,

Please consult a cleaning shop that specializes in leather.

It's just one piece of clothing, but I cherish it like a living thing.

I even feel like I'm owning one.

Clothing that is so important and drastic will remain in your memory, and you will never leave it with your memories.

Also different from leather,

Mouton that may be once in a lifetime.

In that "maybe once",

I think it will be the perfect item to choose.

Once you see and touch something like this, you'll never forget it (sweat)



cliché Kinoshita

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