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What exactly is Fine?


Aging Man.

RIER that may only be cliché.

This is a modernized MA-1.

Hey Sugimura, you got it... Is that you? lol

A sloppy jacket.

Thank you for your help this year.

Made in Spice Country.

"Because it's more interesting that way."


This is Sugimura from cliché.

This time we will be introducing cantate 23AW suits.

But before that, let me tell you about my history with suits.

The first one is " The Noble Suit " by cantate, which I got about a year ago.

I have been wearing it for a long time, and it has now become my base item.

The second item is a refreshing BLUE seersucker silk suit that is perfect for spring and summer.

It was a very challenging first place for me, but

I bought this this summer because of the summer heat.

I learned how to enjoy matching spring/summer suits and learned how to be patient with the temperature.

And the third one. While I am missing my fall/winter suits,

I was captivated by the flannel suit released this season and bought it.

I was so happy that I got it, and I've been wearing it since the end of August when it arrived.

It's still early for flannel suits, and it looks hot on this one.

I got a tsukkomi.

This suit is best worn in the middle of winter, from November to January.

In terms of standing position, it is similar to a corduroy suit.

Made of fabric with a distinctly autumn/winter look,

In winter, you can wear this with a light coat and go out.

The pair of pants on the other hand have such a beautiful shape that I often wear them on their own.

Similarly to the jacket, there are a few people who want it alone.

But it's different.

The combination of this jacket's form is very beautiful,

Single use is only secondary.

I want you to choose it as a suit for mid-winter, and before I knew it, you could use it separately.

The finest fine flannel suit.


"Fine"  Flannel Suit"

¥440,000 (TAX IN)

The jacket has a boxy silhouette with a wide body and shoulders.

The pants have a flared silhouette, a first for suits.

Relaxed size? It can also be taken as

A silhouette that enhances your style. That's a suit.

It's not a custom-made product that was made by measuring your body, but a ready-made product.

However, no matter who wears it, it creates a very beautiful line.

The fabric is very fine flannel.

Smooth and very soft to the touch,

The fabric has a moist look and an outstanding shine.

I've already worn it several times, so

You can feel the surface change to a fluffy texture.

Good fabric, good suit.

I know it's good, but I've been saying fine fine for a while now...

What exactly is fine?

When I tried it on, there was no looseness in the outline.

A suit that gives you the impression of being tight, even though it has plenty of room.

Although it has firmness and firmness, it is soft and has a beautiful glossy finish.

What is fine?

Fine is also the name of the corduroy setup.

I tried not to mention it because it was my name, but I was still worried about it and couldn't sleep at night.

I feel like that's where the charm of this suit lies.

So, I had a surprise interview with Mr. Matsushima.

Fine in this case means "good".

This is a high quality suit with good fabric.

Even if you say that, it doesn't mean anything if you don't understand the superiority and inferiority of others,

Even though I work in clothing, I have no idea how good it is.

I will explain it step by step, but what I call fine is,

This is because the grade of thread used is completely different from that of regular threads.

Differences in general quality, not measurements measured in terms of one's own values.

A difference that everyone can see at first glance.

Convenience store bento/Matsuya set meal/restaurant etc...

Eating only convenience store bento is not good for your health, so it's at the bottom of this list.

On the other hand, Matsuya's set meals are finer than that,

The restaurant is the finest.

that it is better than the generally accepted fact,

Mr. Matsushima seemed to refer to them collectively as Fine.

Going back to the beginning, I mean, this flannel is super good.

If you understand the meaning, I feel like you can easily accept it even if you look at the quality/price.

Another appeal of cantate is that it's not just the raw materials.

Because it is an original fabric,

It may be a well-known fact that the weave and finish are excellent.

Flannel refers to something that has been milled.

Milled processing is for gray fabric (kibata: the state of woven cloth).

A process of soaking in water, applying heat, or applying fluff to create fluff.

Fabrics with such fine naps are collectively known as "flannel."

Based on my experience, I thought I could classify this as flannel, but

There are more flannels in the world than I thought.

On the contrary, it seems that there are many cases where what I thought was flannel turned out to be something different.

The thread used for this suit is a 60 count twin thread.

This alone gives off a high-quality atmosphere,

In contrast to making 60-count thread using raw materials that can normally only be made as thin as 60-count thread,

At cantate, we use a thread that can be made as thin as 100, but we purposely use a thicker thread of 60.

Somehow, even if the person with the highest academic ability on the high school entrance exam goes to the best preparatory school, he or she may end up at the bottom.

I have the idea that if I go to a stupid high school, I will get the highest grades...

This means that even though it is a 60 count yarn, it has a wonderful quality inside.

In other words, it is the best of 60th place.

It's standard at first glance, but when you touch it, your brain gets buggy.

That was the reason why even we couldn't catch up with our understanding.

He said the same thing applies to shirts and sweatshirts,

I feel like I've gotten closer to the appeal of canate's clothes than ever before.

It's just good, it's good because they use good materials and have a good finish.

I tend to think that, but how to make it, how to present it, how to use your wisdom...

You can almost feel the desire to get the best products at a reasonable price.

The factory also wants that,

Both are brands that influence modern fashion.

standard in the world.

However, that may be an extreme standard.

We often hear that 〇〇 is of high quality or 〇〇 of the highest quality.

It made me want to check once again to see if it was true.

And you don't even know that? He got angry. lol

Now, about the charm of fine flannel.

Once I have explained this, I will return to the main line.

Three-dimensional finish with adjusted vertical and horizontal balance.

In order to make the flat cloth follow the body,

Most of the processes are the same as those used for bespoke suits.

Because it is unlined, it is light because there is no lining.

Purely airy and much more comfortable to wear all day.

Cotton/silk raw silk is used for the lining of the sleeves, so

You will find that even the act of putting your sleeves through your sleeves feels good.

oh yeah. He also taught me about the lining.

Matsushima: Some people say unlined fabrics are cheaper, but fully lined fabrics are cheaper.

You can't see inside, so you can fool people. It's the unlined fabric that is carefully made that makes me nervous, and it's overwhelmingly high-quality.

Not just a loose look, but an "elegant and relaxed look"

That's the correct way to describe this jacket.

Pants with a beautiful flared silhouette.

It has buckles on both sides of the waist for a snug fit.

Add pleats to the front.

The silhouette gently widens towards the hem.

It's not overdone, but it's an elegant flare that will make your legs look beautiful.

Like other cantate pants, the pattern is also strange.

The process of ironing out the curls is a big one.

Please take a look and check it out on video sites.

A craftsman spends several hours ironing.

This is very time-consuming and specialized work.

A beautiful silhouette is completed by putting effort into it,

Compared to other pants that don't have their quirks,

The suction on the feet is completely different.

If it were like this, it would look even more beautiful.

A silhouette that will make your dreams come true.

Although this is a casual expression, please try it on first.

The depth of feeling that this is the world of suits,

You will be surprised at the comfort that you can't normally experience with casual wear.

Don't forget that it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort.


cantate "The Shirt" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

Rios of Mercedes "Waxy Kansas" ¥275,000 (TAX IN)

A shirt, a tie, and boots on his feet.

The shirt and boots are relatively new purchases, so

This is my new favorite combination.

When wearing a suit, I was also taught the details of how to tie a tie.

I'm still training to level 1, but I was able to tie it neatly this morning.

I feel good when I can go through the day without feeling relaxed.

It also affects how you spend your time and how you interact with people.

I think it is very important to wear a suit once in a while.

I am constantly reminded of this. .


cantate "Turtle Neck L/S Shirt" ¥27,500 (TAX IN)

Rios of Mercedes "Waxy Kansas" ¥275,000 (TAX IN)

Shirts are good, but sometimes turtlenecks etc.

There are times when you want a change in your innerwear.

Fortunately, today's cliché includes turtlenecks,

There are even thermal T-shirts and patterned high-neck shirts.

This is a premonition of splurge. .

Come to think of it, the 23AW cantate wallet I purchased is...

It's hard to believe I've only been using it for 3 months now, and I'm getting used to it so much.

The leather is of very high quality and ages well. Unusual texture.

Due to repeated high billing,

Are you saying that your wallet is also suffering real damage?


cantate "Traveler Bag" ¥198,000 (TAX IN)

cantate "Denim 1955 Trousers" ¥51,700 (TAX IN)

AVM "PRAY" ¥81,400 (TAX IN)

AVM "ANGEL" ¥55,000 (TAX IN)

AVM "VINTER" ¥242,000 (TAX IN)


cantate "The Shirt" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

cantate "Fine Corduroy Trousers" ¥55,000 (TAX IN)


cantate "Ribbon Belt" ¥44,000 (TAX IN)

If you only understand the "uniform feel" part of a suit,

I tend to get nervous and end up wearing them less often.

The fact that you can wear the top and bottom separately is just a last resort.

When I tried wearing them separately, a nice style was completed. like,

On my days off, I sometimes wear the jacket and pants separately,

I would be happy if you could use it as a reference material, just as a bonus.

By the way, cliché only sells suits as a top and bottom set.

If you only buy one, you'll end up wanting it later.

It's 100% complete when you wear it with both top and bottom.

In order to get as close to 100% suit style as possible,

For the past year, I've been buying suits and matching them with shirts.

Sometimes I try wrapping myself in a scarf.

As I was trying out various ties, I naturally wanted a tie, so I bought two more.

Next, I started thinking about other colors for the shirt, so I bought The Shirt in SAX color.

Next up are 3 pairs of leather shoes...

At the end, I was trembling as I paid the bill due to my financial situation.

It's fun because there's a flow to the process of getting everything together, and even though I'm still a young boy,

There is also a sense of fulfillment as you get closer to your ideal style.

Step by step, steadily.

Suit Day every Wednesday, which I thought was a hassle, is now something I look forward to.

From the train to work, to a suit, to a large traveler bag,

Sometimes I read, and I am a monk.

The way I look at myself on the train when I go to work, thinking, "Who is that?"

Now, the pleasant stimulation naturally stretches my back muscles.

It's okay if I ask for your phone number. Nice middle there.

Everyday and extraordinary experiences that can only be obtained by wearing a suit.

To experience that special feeling,

I think the cantate suit is perfect.

After all, clothes that can go back and forth between the everyday and the extraordinary.

It's a brand that aims to create a wardrobe for everyone.



cliché Sugimura

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