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Ever since I came across cantate sweatshirts.


Your heart is also a one-wash tumbler.

Bleach denim is a seasonal word for spring.

At your feet.

I bought it "whatever it takes".

Many repeat customers.


This is my first time.


This is Sugimura from cliché.

I am now reminded of "those words" that Kinoshita said in a previous blog .

"I don't like sweatshirts. I like cantate sweatshirts."

I agreed with this 100%.

Sweatshirts are comfortable and I like that they come in a variety of colors,

No matter how I wear it, it looks too casual,

I guess I don't have a connection to myself because I like beautiful clothes.

My feelings until 3 years ago when I discovered cantate sweatshirts.

The position of sweatshirts in my opinion is

Holiday wear for when you want to relax.

So to speak, shoddy clothes.

As you know, we have no connection, but when heading out on a date, etc.

When choosing clothes that look fashionable and show off to others, I didn't take this into consideration.

Still, I can't beat how comfortable it is to wear.

I told myself it was casual down,

At my previous job, I casually wore a sweatshirt hoodie that was a little pilled.

Clothes are comfortable but compromise on the silhouette and quality of the fabric.

Before I knew it, my perverse feeling became stronger,

As for sweatshirts, I gave up on looking for something better.

I had stopped thinking, but...

The concept behind such elaborate sweatshirts is

Three years ago, I discovered cantate's "Fluffy Sweat" series, which has since been abandoned.

Both the tops and pants exude quality.

To use an easy-to-understand analogy, pants are like slacks.

The fabric looks beautiful and feels great when you wear it.

The color is basic GRAY,

The silhouette is completed with detailed designs.

This is already a sweatshirt, not a sweatshirt.

The sweatshirt I imagine is packed with all the elements it doesn't have,

No compromise was found anywhere.

Of course I bought it immediately, and then I bought additional pants. lol

From then until today,

I started wearing cantate sweatshirts or pants at least once a week.

This is the birth of a fine sweat rubber.

It was a sweatshirt that I use every day,

People are a luxury, and when you become satisfied with the current situation,

I want another color too. That's what I think.

Regarding sweatshirts,


A color that is easy to use for me and appears often,

There are also types with faded colors that add depth to your styling.

In fact, fading is the real charm of vintage.

I liked wearing old champion eggplant navy sweatpants,

It's wrinkled, and when I try to wash it, the color has already faded, so there's no fun in washing it.

The discoloration is also a perfect score of 100 points, and in a sense it is like a work of art,

If you can enjoy the process yourself, you'll probably have a vision of wearing it for a longer period of time.

If I were the person I was before,

I guess I was reluctant to wear vintage clothes because I thought it was too expensive for something like this.

Now that you know the ultimate sweatshirt,

There is no room for compromise in color, shape, comfort or future prospects.

I wonder if it's there somewhere...

I think many people are only vaguely aware of this,

The ones who update the highest prices in response to what they are looking for are

It's always cantate.


"Sulfur dye parka"


¥60,500 (TAX IN)

"Sulfur dye Crew Neck Pullover"


¥55,000 (TAX IN)

"Sulfur dye pants"


¥55,000 (TAX IN)

cantate's current sweatshirt is basic BLACK,

Introducing three bright colors: TURQUOISE / BURGUNDY.

This product, which has a tasteful and moderate USED feel,

While feeling the vintage atmosphere that I was looking for,

It is characterized by its elegant and elegant finish.

Without changing the process of slowly making it while incorporating air with a loop knitting machine,

The beautiful silhouette with a sense of elasticity and uniform stitches is still alive and well.

Even if you change the dyeing method and some specifications and it looks the same,

It has been reborn by approaching it from a completely different angle.

The part that felt like a "different angle" was in the production process.

Up until now, sweatshirts have been reactively dyed.

This is a method that causes a chemical reaction to fix the color.

The fine particles of the dye soak into the fabric evenly, making it difficult for the color to fade.

This time, after using sulfur dyeing and soaking chemical dye into the fabric,

It is oxidized and dyed by exposure to air.

This is a dyeing method that is also used for denim, etc., so you can enjoy the color fading and tarnishing.

As someone who owns both, it's hard to choose between...

That's what I was thinking, but recently my feelings have changed.

Something happened that reminded me of Kinoshita's words at the beginning and reaffirmed them.

Also, laundry.

Once you actually wash your clothes and feel the charm on your skin, you too will...

You'll fall in love with the "Sulfur dye" series.

(Top: Personal items after washing / Bottom: New)

Washed 3 times

Washed 6 times

Washed 10 times

Washed 3 times

Washed 6 times

Washed 10 times

Washed 10 times

My personal item BLACK has been washed 3 times, then 6 times, then 10 times.

It has already become pale like CHARCOAL and you can see how the color is fading.

The texture has not changed much so far, maintaining a dry look.

From now on through summer, due to repeated exposure to strong sunlight and washing,

I'm really excited, thinking that I'll get some white spots and a tan.

A luxurious sweatshirt that gives you a vintage feel.

There is no change in size, and you can iron it after washing.

The key is to go back to a crisp silhouette like slacks.

I only write about laundry on my blog, so

You might think that hobbies = laundry, but that's really true.

The number of times I wash cantate is increasing in proportion to the number of cantate purchases .

Sweaters that get their texture after washing, thermal shirts that get thicker,

Sweatshirts and shirts that allow you to enjoy fading colors.

After putting it in the washing machine,

I believe this is the start of a long and enjoyable journey towards the goal that lies ahead.

The feelings I had about washing, such as the hassle and poor quality of the fabric,

Negative elements disappear and washing allows you to move on to the next step.

My thoughts changed to a positive one.

As I watched how the BLACK color faded after washing, it changed like this.

I'm really curious about how TURQUOISE will fade.

You won't know until you buy these and wash them...

It's a versatile and refreshing color, and it's a great time to wear it from spring to summer.

Just as I was about to decide to buy it,

BURGUNDY, a custom-made color from Isetan, has been cut in.

Since it is originally a dark color, it seems easier to see the process of fading, which also appeals to me.

It may be a bit premature, but the aged BURGUNDY worn in fall and winter is definitely cool.

I can't decide anymore...

Three people, three sides.

In my head, color decision meetings were held almost every day.


m's braque "QUILTED MESH REVERSIBLE MA-1" ¥92,400 (TAX IN)

cantate "Mods Sleeve Shirt" ¥55,000 (TAX IN)



cantate "The Shirt" ¥48,400 (TAX IN)

cantate "Sulfur dye Back Stain M-51 Pants" ¥52,800 (TAX IN)

BLACK with a sense of stability.

Due to the change in color to resemble CHARCOAL,

The color blends even better with the clothes you match it with,

It has the momentum to cover a wide range of spring and summer options.

This year's spring clothes are GREEN, ORANGE, etc.

I found myself buying too many colored clothes,

There is no link to match the flashy clothes.

I would like to recommend this color again to such people.

It's a good idea to have your pants ready for the coming summer.


cantate "Washable Silk Grosgrain Fish-Tail Coat" ¥302,500 (TAX IN)

cantate "Back Satin M-51 Pants" ¥52,800 (TAX IN)

is-ness "THM CAP" ¥14,300 (TAX IN)


cantate "Sulfur Back Satin Safari Jacket" ¥60,500 (TAX IN)


AVM "RYTHME Thin" ¥85,800 (TAX IN)

TURQUOISE has an attractive refreshing color.

Just looking at it makes me feel like my temperature is going to drop,

There must be a meaning just by wearing it.

Because it is a color that is rarely seen,

I tend to get discouraged because I think it looks difficult to style, but

It can be said that there is no absolute correct way to match the color, so

Just insert TURQUOISE into your usual clothes.

In fact, Kinoshita and I only changed one item from our usual outfits.

Our version of TURQUOISE is to wear it freely.


cantate "Assemblage Grange Cardigan" ¥159,500 (TAX IN)


cantate " 〔EXCLUSIVE〕 Denim 1955 Trousers" ¥51,700 (TAX IN)

cantate "Shoulder Tote Bag" ¥66,000 (TAX IN)


class "CCDS01UNI B" ¥140,800 (TAX IN)

class "CCCA02UNI B" ¥145,200 (TAX IN)

cantate "The Band Collar Shirt" ¥49,500 (TAX IN)

BURGUNDY is a dark and strong color, so

Pair it with a pale OFF WHITE color.

Try adjusting the balance of presentation.

Also, pair it with bleached denim for a seasonal feel.

Match the whole body with brown color to create a sense of unity.

Depending on whether you choose cool or warm colors,

It has two sides that can greatly change its expression.

The difficulty level of matching may be a little high, but

If you get into it, your styling will be greatly improved.

An influential color that pulls your everyday clothes.

This is the result of all the styling,

I want to enjoy spring and summer to the fullest, so the other color is probably TURQUOISE.

"I like cantate sweatshirts."

Many customers agree with this part,

Those who aim to purchase the sweatshirt series online,

This is a series that has created new fans, with people talking about sweatshirts at stores and saying, "I love the color of this fabric."

Of course, I am one of them, and ever since I discovered cantate's sweat series,

I used the previous "Fluffy Sweat" series as a nightgown (I had no choice but to get it dirty),

It has become so indispensable that I change into the new "Sulfur dye" series before going out.

Sweatshirts are clothes that compromise. What

For correcting my twisted thinking,

Now, I've changed my mind to the point where I wash my clothes every week, saying it's a long and fun trip.

It's also my bible clothing.

It has exceeded my expectations in a good way,

Cantate is a brand that brings things far beyond imagination into everyday life.

Under such circumstances, the best way to express a "polite attitude" is to

I think it's this sweat series.

Is it okay to raise the bar so high?

No, when I picked it up for the first time, I easily jumped over it.

After washing it once, it jumped twice as hard as I had expected.

For the exciting season full of fun things,

This is the sweatshirt you want to choose, even in the sense of adding a run-up.

No matter which color you choose,

We guarantee that it will be a "one-of-a-kind piece" that you will want to keep.


cliché Sugimura

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